Common Defects in Tyres

Common Defects in Tyres

A defective tire does not perform according to the driver’s expectation. Defects in the tire could also be a manufacturing defect or a design defect. Most of the defects in the tire can be found only after the tire is driven on a road or any kind of surface. Below are the defects mentioned which are common to happen before the tire is fitted to the rim.

Common Defects in Tyres
  • Tread belt separation: The most common and typical defect is tread belt separation, as most of the radial tires are made of two steel belts – inner & outer belt. If in the manufacturing the tire is not properly bond with the tire components together, then the outer belt and the tread separates from the inner belt will cause. This also can happen when the tire is not properly inflated and because of harsh driving on different surfaces. Also, tread separation could also happen if there is internal contamination during the manufacturing which is unusual liquid that enters inside the tire such as oil or chemical liquid. If you see bumps and high spots on the tire, it indicates that the tread could be separated.
  • Damaged or misplaced components: Tires can also occur defects if the components of the tire are misplaced. If the component is wrongly placed it could result in tire failure – For e.g., the center-line of the tire gets placed at an improper location, and in result, the tire would not be able to carry the weight and stress properly, which can lead to an accident. While purchasing tires you should be aware of tread, inner liner, bead, sidewall, tread wear indicator, etc.
  • Lack of uniformity in tire tread pattern: Consistency is very important when it comes to the tire tread pattern it should be balanced and equal from all sides. If it’s not equal the drive will be bumpy and risky. You can also run a hand-on pattern to check the uncertainty.

Usage of defective tires should be avoided as it is a matter of safety and the tire is a part that has direct contact with the road and carries all the weight of the vehicle. These are the points to be considered before your tires are fitted to the rim of your vehicle. Always check your vehicle door there is the suggested right tire size mentioned which is suitable for your vehicle. 

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