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Heavy duty vehicles including buses, trucks, and other vehicles require tyres that are ready to take on any challenges offered by the journey or road. Look no further, because Milever Tyres is here to deliver the superior quality of TBR tyres for your vehicles. Milever Tyres are manufactured at Shandong Homerun Tires Co., Ltd.

Their tyres symbolize durability and endurance. From the first step of their production, they use and integrate high quality rubber, elastomer to amp up the quality and durability of their tyres. On top of that, for better road grip and stability, their tyre patterns and designed with utmost precision to ensure that your heavy transport vehicles stays on track and tackles all the hurdles caused by weather changes and rough terrains.

Milever Tyres are not only known for their qualities but also for their exceptional certificates which include GCC, ECE, DOT, NOM, SONCAP, ISO, SMARTWAY, so your trust remains safe with them.

All of their high quality tyres are also coupled with exceptional and renowned after-sales services to help you out with any questions and queries you have regarding the technicalities and quality of their TBR tyres.

Thanks to their excellent production value, its tyres are sold and shipped to regions like America, Middle East, Asia and Africa market, where they have received unparalleled reception from their clients.

If you are looking for TBR tyres with quality that is unmatched in the market, Milever tyres is here to ensure that you receive the best quality.

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